by namelesscomet

Before starting to write, I needed to check my dictionary to make sure “disinterest” is really a word. I’ve been having these unsure situations regarding my vocabulary recently. I think this is due to the fact that I haven’t been reading like I used to back in college. So there goes my wake up call, I need to read again. I guess I’ll find time to read some blogs here at WordPress. Seems like a good place to start. Haha.

Anyway this post isn’t about my vocabulary or anything about it. This is about my disinterest in taking the coming ECE board examinations. Last September I’ve started working in an IT company which means that I don’t need to have a license to be able to succeed and go up the ranks in this industry. I know people are saying that I still should take since my “value” as a person would go up but for me, well it’s just a waste of time. When I should’ve been just focusing on my work and training, I still have that heavy thought about the coming board examinations.

Well that’s just one reason. Another would be the fact that even if I don’t get a license I’d still earn almost the same as those who have theirs. In the Philippine setting, reality is license is just for those people who want careers that are really technical in nature. Example would be the ones operating the systems, equipments and all those things. And where would those careers be? Overseas. In the Middle East and in ships and boats. Well maybe there are some here locally but the way I see it, with or without your license a person will still be successful. It all depends on the person himself/herself. Honestly, I’d like to work overseas  too but not in the Middle Eastern countries or in ships and boats. Singapore would always be my first choice with Korea (of course!), Japan and the US as a close second.

One last reason why I don’t want to take the exams is the nature of the exams itself. Honestly, the way I see it, some of the questions being posted in our coaching sessions (which came from previous board examination questions) are plain non sense. People, our course is Electronics and Communications Engineering. Of course we need to know about Chemistry and Physics but the things that we need to know about them are just the basics. We don’t need to know about viscosity and memorize the whole periodic table. We don’t need to know what element is in liquid form in the morning and solid at night time. Those things are for Chemical Engineers, Chemists and Physicists to know. What we need to know are what we must do whenever a particular problem occurs in an electronic circuit or an electronic communications system. What we need to know are the protocols governing and how communications systems work. No wonder those who top the examinations end up working in the academe. For if the nature of the exams would be practical applications, then Filipino licensed ECEs would start making innovative products that will make the Philippines proud. I’m not saying that being a professor and working in the academe is a bad choice for an ECE graduate, teachers and professors are needed, but what the Philippines really need are engineers who think for themselves and innovate. Engineers who will work for this country and not engineers who will work for other countries. Generations of engineers have already done that and helped other countries succeed while leaving our country in its pitiful state.

Anyway, maybe I’ll just push through in taking the exams this coming 27th and 28th. I’ll just do it for my parents since I owe my college education to them. I’ll still do my best though like what I always do since I’m a bit of a perfectionist myself. But I’m not really expecting. I want to pass and get that piece of paper called license but if ever I fail, it doesn’t really matter. What’s important for me now is to be able to get certifications. That’s what I really need for my work right now. And if ever I need to chose which to prioritize, I’d go with certifications without thinking twice.

Annyeonghi Gyeseyo.

P.S. I forgot to do my 1 Korean lesson a day habit today because all I did was sleep (it’s a non working holiday btw). Will try to get back on track tomorrow.