Lotteries and Positivity.

by namelesscomet

Earlier I saw several posts in my Facebook news feed from my friends regarding the lottery. I’m quite amazed on how positive people can be regarding winning the jackpot (which is as I’ve heard, about P300M!). Well, I’ve got nothing against lottery, much more on positivity. I advocate these two things since I myself would like to win the lottery (well who wouldn’t right?). As for positivity, I think it is an essential part of our lives since it does add (although mysteriously) to our ability to accomplish things that we really want. I can talk about this topic for a whole day if you want me to but what I’m really amazed about is how people can be hopeful about things like this, things which are nearly impossible. I guess these kinds of things give people hope. They cling to the idea of winning the jackpot as if it would bring them the happiness which everyone wants to achieve.

But the real question is, will money bring them real happiness? In Paulo Coelho’s book “The Winner Stands Alone”, he says

” People are never satisfied. If they have little they want more. If they have more, they still want more. Once they have more, they wish they could be happy with little, but are incapable of making the slightest effort in that direction. “

I know some of our dreams require money to be achieved. I’m actually in that position right now wherein my dreams are being impeded by financial problems but it makes me think, what if? What if I already have everything I want from the start? What if the things I want was given to me as gifts and I wouldn’t have to work a single second or minute to obtain such things? Then I guess life wouldn’t be challenging and in the long run it’ll get boring.

So getting back to my topic about lotteries and positivity, again I am not against those two or am I bitter about rich people. But if ever a person wins or obtains that amount of money, then what’ll happen to his life? Will he or she still strive to achieve personal perfection by acquiring skills and knowledge? I’m guessing that in most cases a person who wins will never invest on knowledge, experience and skills anymore knowing that they can get anything they want in a blink of an eye. Maybe for some that is a good thing but as for me, I wouldn’t want a life like that. I’d rather work for things I want and achieve my dreams by experience and hard work. It’s just like climbing a mountain or finishing a race. The feeling of accomplishment is at its peak when you know you’ve worked hard and passed through every single obstacle that the path of life has offered you.

Annyeonghi Gyeseyo.