by namelesscomet

Today’s 111010! If you convert that to decimal (since it’s binary) it translates to number 23! My favorite slash birthday number! Hooray! Geeky much? Haha! I never thought about that fact till I typed those numbers in the title. I used to use that as a signature to my previous blog, although I used it in reverse.


Double Standards.

Moving on, the first thing I want to write about today is something that I wanted to write about last night but was too sleepy to do so. Actually there is a video which came out and is spreading wherein Korean actress Lee Ha Dae insulted the way Filipinos speak the English language. There were so many people (majority of them Filipinos) who got mad or insulted with what she did and asked for her to apologize. I happen to watch the said clip and upon watching it my reaction was like “Haha okay..”.

The reason I’m writing about it is that I don’t get why Filipino people were insulted with what she did. To be fair, the accent she imitated is really not the way Filipinos speak English but what I mean to say is that it was made to make people laugh right? I think it’s the same thing when Filipino comedians imitate Indians, Chinese, Japanese and other people all around the world who speak english. My point is, why does it seem that when we ourselves make fun of other people for a TV show we find it really amusing without thinking if we have insulted those that we made fun of but when other people make fun of our accents, we retaliate saying that we were insulted? A perfect example of double standards I must say. These kind of things are the ones people should not take in too seriously. Wake up people! It’s not the first time this happened and we Filipinos do it ourselves too as well as people all over the world! It’s really disappointing how shallow some people can be. Not just shallow but also “balat sibuyas” as my fellow Filipinos would say, which means thin skinned or too sensitive. I think if ever Filipinos would get mad at something like this, I suggest those people try to look at themselves first before reacting too violently.

Anyway regarding this issue, you may think that I favor Lee Da Hae because of my recent fondness of Koreans and their culture but in reality I don’t support any side. I think Lee Da Hae really made a mistake in her part since it really was not the way Filipinos speak the English language. I think what she imitated was the Chinese people. But I didn’t really find it insulting. On the other hand, I think those Filipinos who got insulted or mad with this also should check themselves. Try to look inside first before reacting too much towards an incident which was made for the amusement of people. Try to relax sometimes. Try to watch the American cartoon “Southpark” and see if you get insulted.


Work stuff.

This week was really something for me at work. Last Monday I was notified that I was going to be part of the System Engineers of the company that I was working in and that training will start on Wednesday (which is today). I was really happy about this since it was what I was really working for since our training started. I really wanted to an SE since an SE’s work is really technical and I love doing those kind of things. The only sad thing was that 2 of the members of our Greenteam, which was the name given to us trainees were, let’s say, cut off. They received the news yesterday and didn’t report to the office today. This is mainly because of their grades during the first part of our training and also, their work habits and attitudes. Anyway I don’t want to dwell in too much about that. All I want to say is that I’m happy to be part of the SE pool. Training started today and we really need to work hard to be able to be a full pledged SE since we got so much things to learn. The company also wants to deploy us ASAP. I’m happy scared but as a whole, I felt really fulfilled since my hard work during the first part of the training paid off.

Due to my happiness yesterday, I kinda joked to my fellow ECE friend that even though I don’t pass the board exams this coming Nov 27 & 28, I’d still be an engineer. A systems engineer. :p


Annyeonghi Gyeseyo.