Surprise yourself.

by namelesscomet

Sometimes people surprise themselves.

It’s really fun though, when you do something that you’ve never done before just because things around you influence you to do so. That’s what happened to me ever since I started working/training in an IT company. I started a couple of months ago and I never thought that change would come creeping into my life so soon.

What kind of change? Well, I started to have goals.

During my 21 years of existence, I never planned things. This is due to the fact that whenever I plan things, they always fail. It is as if there’s a jinx with me planning things. So I learned my lesson, and never planned things again. I do things spontaneously and I loved it. When I was job hunting, the question that I hated the most was the one asking for my plans within 5 years, or 10 years. I hated answering those questions because I really had no answer for them. I was just looking for a job so that I could finance myself and the things I want to buy, but long term plans? Hell no. I don’t have them. I didn’t even think about what age I’m gonna get married. I never thought about things as far as 1 year ahead.

But things changed this year. Maybe 2010 really was my year just like what I predicted last January. Different things happened within this year. I had a girlfriend, we broke up, I graduated, found work and now I’ll be taking the ECE board examinations. It happened so fast that I realized things really have changed within me. And I think the best part is, I had successfully formulated a long term plan for my career, thanks to the help of the people in the company I’m in right now. I just hope I can successfully complete this plan and be where I want to be before I turn 30.

As for things regarding settling down, well it’s a different thing. I haven’t thought about it yet and maybe will not think about it till I feel the need to. As of now, the important thing (and the good thing!) is I’ve already got a plan for my career. Good job me!

As a side note, I really want to visit Seoul, Korea soon. A couple of photos made me want to go up there and spend some time and learn their culture. If you want to see those photos, here’s the link for their Facebook page.


Annyeonghi Gyeseyo!