Poof! My Macbook battery died. :(

by namelesscomet

Around March or April 2010, I noticed that my Macbook’s battery pack is expanding. Kinda like what happens when you expose a dry AA battery into extreme heat. I really don’t know why this happened to my laptop since I never exposed it to extreme temperatures. Maybe this really just happens to some battery units like the way other products die out early.

I never really paid attention to it since it was still working at that time but recently I found out that my trackpad isn’t working anymore. Although I can scroll using two fingers I can’t click on anything. I searched online then I found an article regarding an expanding battery related to trackpad error. I removed the battery and poof! I heard a clicking sound then it cracked.

Hahaha btw my trackpad is partially working now. No touch clicking though. I can only click through the lower part of the track pad where the real “click” button is. Now I gotta use my laptop without its battery. Good thing I don’t bring this to places anymore since my company issued me with a work laptop. I’m still planning to buy a new battery but it’s kinda expensive so I’ll postpone it first. Maybe I’ll buy one around 3rd quarter of 2011.



I was able to fix my trackpad’s touch clicking by disabling it and then enabling it again. Now it’s working perfectly. 😛


Annyeonghi Gyeseyo!