What do you want to be remembered for? [Daily/Weekly Post 002]

by namelesscomet

It’s just the second week of January and I’m glad to be writing again. It feels good to be able to have time to write and edit photos. Anyway I wanted to write about my recent trip to Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan Philippines but I guess I’ll reserve that for another post. I’ll just write about today’s topic at The Daily Post at WordPress.com .

So the topic is as what this post’s title says, “What do you want to be remembered for?” Well as for me, I love answering these kinds of questions since I’m a bit self centered myself. Usually I talk a lot about myself and all the things that happens around me. But don’t get me wrong though, I still believe I’m one of the few good listeners around (see what I’m talking about? LOL).

Anyway as for the main point of this post, I want people to remember me as the “photographer”. Well it’s kinda obvious for those who know me since I really am the photographer in the group. But I also want to be remembered not just a simple photographer but one who have taken wonderful pictures of priceless moments in my life as well as in the lives of my friends. I find it amazing that recently during the first part of my trip in Palawan, I already thought about this topic. So I vowed to take good pictures of my friends who were with me. I want those pictures to be part of our memories since somehow, we are all starting to grow apart due to work and all those adult stuff (thank God there IS Facebook!). Well that’s it. I don’t wanna go sentimental on this post. I’ll just include an awesome photo of my friends below which I took during our trip last weekend.


Annyeonghi Gyeseyo!