Opening the year with a Palawan Trip!

by namelesscomet

Well as I’ve said in my previous post, I’ll be having a separate post about my recent trip dooooown south in Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan.

This will mainly be a photo dump (with a couple of captions) of selected photos of my friends who were with me. For other photos such as IR and HDRs please visit my Multiply page.

By the way before moving on and reading this post I suggest you load the video I’ve included below. It’s the same song as the one in Invincible Youth. If you watch the show, you’ll know why I wanted you to load the music while reading this blog, if not, well just load it. It’s just music so it’ll stream real quick.

Day 1.

Off to my main post. So as you know, me and my friends decided to open 2011 with a trip away from the busy city of Manila. We wanted to go somewhere where we can relax and have a good time without spending much. There were many options but we chose Palawan since, well, it was the one which had a plane seat sale. Haha!

Here’s Butch sleeping (or maybe pretending to sleep) in the plane. We rode Air Phil Express.


Arbu and Em

We left Manila sometime past 1PM. Originally our flight was supposed to be 12:50PM (I think?) but it got delayed due to some reason I don’t even care about. Haha!

When we reached Puerto Prinsesa city, we went to the agency and paid some stuff including the tours and the van rentals. After, we went to the Crocodile Farm.

Entrance fee to the Crocodile Farm was only 40 pesos and it includes a 15-20 min tour of their area. There you can see different kinds of crocodiles (small ones and really big ones!). Here’s a photo of Kevo wanting to eat a baby crocodile.

By the way, the tours in the Crocodile Farm have time slots so while waiting for our turn we had had some pictures taken. Below is the usual “jump shot” photo that is always present in any outing or out of town trip album.

Next stop was the Baker’s Hill. Here we had our afternoon snack since we were already hungry because of everyone’s excitement. Haha! The hopiang monggo and hopian baboy is definitely a must try (imho).

For dinner, we ate at Kinabuchs. It was a kind of bar/grill resto similar to Gerry’s grill here in Manila. Their crispy pata is really awesome. Also some other dishes that tourists must try are their pork sisig, gising gising, and kare kare. Out of all those dishes, their gising gising and kare kare were my favorite.

Day 2.

On our 2nd day, we were scheduled to go to the famous Underground River which is one of the finalists for the New 7 Wonders of the World. (Side note: If you’re a Filipino or maybe someone who’ve already visited this awesome place please vote for it here. Thanks!)

Getting to the Underground River, one must travel a 2 hour trip from Puerto Prinsesa to Sabang Beach. Then from Sabang Beach, a boat will take you the the cove where the Underground River is located. By the way, for future visitors of the Underground River, I personally think its better if you book it as a package so that your tour guide will be the one to facilitate your permits since you need one to enter this tourist attraction. Also booking a package includes a buffet lunch at the Sabang Beach so you won’t need to worry about food.

Before going to the Sabang Beach, we stopped by the Sabang Mangrove River/Park. For and entrance fee of 200 pesos you’ll have a 30 minute paddle boat ride along a river with mangroves on both sides. It’s kinda awesome coz here you’ll be able to see not only mangroves but also some wild animals such as monkeys(!), snakes, bayawak, and some exotic looking birds.

Here’s Silver, Star and Zen getting ready for the paddle boat tour.

Photos of our boatman who was also our tour guide along the Mangrove River/Park

Also, there exists in Palawan a dish called tamilok. Here’s the wikipedia entry for this one

Since it was a dish, me and my friends tried it. Some of my friends didn’t like it though but as for me, I loved it. It literally tastes just like Oysters. Actually I think it’s just an Oyster with a different shape. Haha!

See the elongated thing Zen’s holding in the picture below? That’s the tamilok! Nomnomnom!


That photo was also taken while we were having lunch at the Sabang Beach. Following photos are of my friends swimming in the beach after eating. We had time since we were still waiting for our turn to go to the Underground River.


Well basically that’s the bulk of our Day 2 in Palawan. I didn’t have much photos from the Underground River since its really dark inside. Here’s a last photo of my friends while we were waiting at the cove for our boat back to Sabang Beach.

As for our dinner that day, we ate at Kalui. Here the food is opposite of what we ate the previous night since all we had here were seafoods. I enjoyed eating here more than Kinabuchs since I’m really a seafood lover. I highly recommend this place for seafood lovers out there. Also when you come visit this resto, try out their Sashimi. It’s awesome and fresh.

Day 3.

As for the third day, I really don’t have much pictures of my friends since I focused on taking IR shots this day. You can view them here.

On our third day we went island hopping in the morning until around 12NN since our flight was 1:50PM. We went to some reef which name I can’t remember, Snake Island and Pandan Island. We didn’t have much time so we had lunch at Snake Island then went to Pandan Island to shower. Personally, I think we should’ve had our lunch at Pandan Island since the beach there is better than the one in Snake Island. So for future tourists and visitors, I suggest you spend the bulk of your time here if you can.

Well that’s it. A couple of photos more and I shall say goodbye for now.


Overall I think our Palawan trip was worht it (including the leave I filed for work! Haha). Puerto Prinsesa is really a good place to visit if you’re into tourists spots and nature. The beaches are okay though I prefer Boracay and the one I visited in Zambales last summer. What’s really good about Puerto Prinsesa is their government.  The government protects the image of the city since tourism is really a big part of the city’s income. That’s what I really loved about the place. You can feel that they really welcome you to their place. Also, I learned that the government required the tour guides to have seminars and the agencies to have uniform vans for their costumers. That’s freakin’ awesome (for Philippine standard setting. Haha).

Anyway that’s all. I hope that if you’ve come across this post because you searched “Palawan” or “Puerto Prinsesa” in Google, it’ll convince you to come visit this awesome place in my country.


Annyeonghi Gyeseyo!