Does everything happen for a reason? [Daily/Weekly Post 003]

by namelesscomet

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There are several reasons why I chose to talk about this topic and mainly, it is because everyone has an opinion regarding this one.

Well, as for me, I think every single thing that happens in your life has a reason. Things that happen, good or bad, are either results/consequences or signs that the universe is giving each and everyone of us. All around the world, people have different interpretations regarding this. Some call it Karma if it’s a consequence, some call it Divine Intervention or luck if it’s something positive, some others call it coincidence and some signs.

In anyway you look at it, I think these things that happen in our life are controlled by us. People may say that they have no control over a particular situation but if you think it through that really is not the situation. We have and should have control over things regarding our lives. This maybe a bit difficult to comprehend and to do but if we can do this, then I think people would be happier. There would be less miserable people around us and no one will be forced to do things they don’t really want.

So in the end, everything really happens for a reason and it’s up to us to realize what these reasons are. And if we already know what these reasons are then it’s up to us to make use of these reasons, hopefully for the fulfillment of our own dreams.

Annyeonghi Gyeseyo!