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Month: February, 2011

A rare double post.

It’s kinda rare that I double post about the same topic and this is one of those rare occasions.

Today, I some kinda had my worst day in my corporate life. I really hate myself for what happened today and promised that I’ll be better. It’ll be hard but I need to move on and continue and learn from this mistake.

But this post isn’t about me anymore. I just learned that there was a massive 6.3 magnitude earthquake in New Zealand. Because of this, I realized that there are way more people having the worst day of their lives. If my day turned out unpleasant because of something I did at work, theirs was waaaaay worst than mine since what they lost are lives of relatives and friends. Their properties, houses and livelihoods were greatly affected. I guess my problem at work was just a fraction of what other people are experiencing right now.

My prayers go to those affected by the earthquake. I can’t really help them from where I am and in my current state right now but since the Universe works in mysterious ways, my thoughts unite with all the people in the world who think kindly of these affected people. We all hope and wish for your safety and the quick recovery of those affected, may it be financially, emotionally or psychologically.




I’m writing to vent out my feelings and to somehow release my stress.

Today, I made a mistake in front of a client.

I know it’s normal to make mistakes but the one thing that bothers me the most is that even though I practice with all those commands during my free time, I still made a mistake, a freakin dumb mistake. Who the hell would interchange the “Enter” button with the “Tab” button. My mind told me to press “Tab” but my fingers tapped “Enter”.

What a fool. And to add to that, I even let the contact person correct my mistake for me.

What a shameless fool. I felt like the whole data center is eating me alive back there.

Of all the million times I’ve been practicing different commands over and over again, the one time I’d make a stupid mistake was during a client call.

What the fuck.

I really hate myself for this stupid mistake.

I hate myself today.

But just like before, like what I always do, I’ll try to move on from this and learn every single thing I could.

I don’t really understand why these things happen but one thing’s for sure, they happen for a reason. Good thing the contact person was not  someone who would fuss over such mistake.

Guess it’s really different out there, in the industry.

The principle of failure is almost the same as college and studying, but the consequences are really really different.



How do you call this?

Funny thing happened earlier.

Since last January, I was assigned to a project at work. Being assigned here, I was asked to report to the place where our project was implemented, thus I didn’t report at our main office. I go to this place via jeepney straight from our house and I go home the same way.

This afternoon, I had nothing else to do so I decided to leave earlier than usual. So I went out, rode a jeepney and paid the fare. A couple of minutes passed and I received a text message from our department secretary that my boss was coming to the area. I immediately went down the jeepney, wasting my fare, and called her. I told her that I was already on my way home and asked her what time my boss left the office. She told me that he just left and that it’s okay for me to just go home.

So as I was walking back to where jeepneys passed by, I thought about the precious money (8 pesos) I paid for my jeepney ride earlier which was wasted because I went down without reaching my destination. I was so pissed at the thought that I wasted money and that I would need to pay again. As this was running through my head, I noticed a crumpled violet paper on the road ahead of me. And when I was close, I realized it was a 100 peso bill! I immediately picked it up and pocketed it.

After this incident, a lot of things ran through my head. I don’t know if this was coincidence, or luck or good karma. I really don’t know what to call it. Maybe if you’re a Catholic or Christian you’d say that this was my reward since I unconsciously gave the jeepney driver free 8 pesos or something along that line of thought. I really don’t know. People may interpret this event in a million different ways.

All I know is, I was happy since I got money. Who wouldn’t right? Hahaha!



What’s something you never believed until you experienced it? [Daily/Weekly Post 005]

Intriguing topic. I find things like these very interesting because I think there are a lot of things around us which we do but never really believe in.

And if you need an example I’ll give you a perfect one.


It’s interesting that after a Sunday (I’m a Catholic by the way) I’ll find this topic lurking on The Daily Post website. Usually whenever I go to church on Sundays, I use that time to think and reflect. I reflect about things regarding religion itself and not about my sins or anything like that. During those times, I used to think that religion is just something that people made up. No offense to those who really worship and go to church but I for one is a pessimist. Many people say that when they were at their lowest in life, they found refuge in religion or religion made them happy or they found the true meaning of happiness in religion. But my question is, if that is really the case, then why don’t all people who are part of a religious sect or organization experience that kind of trance or happiness?

Relating this to the topic above, I guess I’ll have to say that religion is something that I’ll never believe until I’ve experienced it. I know there is something written in the Bible along the lines that “blessed are those who believe even they have not yet seen..” or something like that but I think I as a person really can’t force myself to believe or have faith in something that I’ve never experienced yet.

Well that’s just me. How about you? Care to share your opinions on this? Just hit the comments if you do have some thoughts.

I really have a lot of things to say but as I’ve said in my previous post, I’m having problems organizing my thoughts nowadays. Sad.



Please don’t misunderstand me as an atheist or agnostic or whatever. Also please don’t misunderstand me as trying to woo people out of believing in their own religions. I have high respect for every religion on Earth. So high that I even want to study every single one of them. Take note that studying is different from being a part of any of it.


Annyeonghi Gyeseyo.

2 weeks.

I missed posting for my post a week project for 2 consecutive weeks. The reason is, I’ve been having problems organizing my thoughts and add to that the overtime I did for work during my so called “blog days”.

Anyway I’ll try to work harder in organizing this scattered ideas all over my head because believe me, there are a lot of things I want to blog or write about. So many things were bothering me for the past 2 weeks and I just can’t write them all at once.

Maybe I’ll start by catching up for my missed post a week project. Hopefully by then, I have the necessary inspiration and enthusiasm needed to be able not to hit that delete and back and “x” button on top of my browser.


Annyeonghi Gyeseyo.


I’m doing a double post for tonight.

All because I realized something really amazing, and ironic.

I’m one to read signs all around me so I think this one’s a clear sign of something.

So it’s February 1. It’s her birthday. We broke up almost 3 years ago.

And what comes out of my iTunes? This song below.

Here’s the lyrics.

Love Rain – Kim Tae Woo

I’m sure you’ve had someone that you loved leave you
You might have thought it was all my fault
That’s why I couldn’t hold onto you

I thought that I could forget small pains like this
and that another love would come and find me
why I can’t forget about you?

I just look up at the sky
and cry out please love me again
If only this small wish in my heart
would turn into rain and fall from the sky

If my love comes into your head
the memories comes alive again
If my love comes into your heart
I’m reminded of our precious love

If my love touches your lips
you cry out to me that you love me
following the rainy street…
As you walk, walk, walk
you will see the me that you were waiting for

With the key called trust
I open the box called love
I call to send a prayer called love
Even if my heart can’t find you

I just look up at the sky
and cry out please love me again
If only this small wish in my heart
would turn into rain and fall from the sky

If my love comes into your head
the memories comes alive again
If my love comes into your heart
I’m reminded of our precious love

If my love touches your lips
you cry out to me that you love me
following the rainy street…
As you walk, walk, walk
you will see the me that you were waiting for

Go back to that time
as I prayed for just once in my life
if I cry out like this
the rain of love will come down

If your love rains down on my eyes
you are standing in front of me
if your love rains down on my ears
you are whispering sweet nothings again

I love you, if I held you in my arms again
if I were to be happy again
I would follow that sunny road…
walking and walking together
we will see the us that we’ve been hoping for

Praying for you to come back to me…
Once again…


Yeah. It’s fuckin’ ironic.

Happy Birthday. 🙂


Annyeonghi Gyeseyo.