A rare double post.

by namelesscomet

It’s kinda rare that I double post about the same topic and this is one of those rare occasions.

Today, I some kinda had my worst day in my corporate life. I really hate myself for what happened today and promised that I’ll be better. It’ll be hard but I need to move on and continue and learn from this mistake.

But this post isn’t about me anymore. I just learned that there was a massive 6.3 magnitude earthquake in New Zealand. Because of this, I realized that there are way more people having the worst day of their lives. If my day turned out unpleasant because of something I did at work, theirs was waaaaay worst than mine since what they lost are lives of relatives and friends. Their properties, houses and livelihoods were greatly affected. I guess my problem at work was just a fraction of what other people are experiencing right now.

My prayers go to those affected by the earthquake. I can’t really help them from where I am and in my current state right now but since the Universe works in mysterious ways, my thoughts unite with all the people in the world who think kindly of these affected people. We all hope and wish for your safety and the quick recovery of those affected, may it be financially, emotionally or psychologically.