by namelesscomet

I’m writing to vent out my feelings and to somehow release my stress.

Today, I made a mistake in front of a client.

I know it’s normal to make mistakes but the one thing that bothers me the most is that even though I practice with all those commands during my free time, I still made a mistake, a freakin dumb mistake. Who the hell would interchange the “Enter” button with the “Tab” button. My mind told me to press “Tab” but my fingers tapped “Enter”.

What a fool. And to add to that, I even let the contact person correct my mistake for me.

What a shameless fool. I felt like the whole data center is eating me alive back there.

Of all the million times I’ve been practicing different commands over and over again, the one time I’d make a stupid mistake was during a client call.

What the fuck.

I really hate myself for this stupid mistake.

I hate myself today.

But just like before, like what I always do, I’ll try to move on from this and learn every single thing I could.

I don’t really understand why these things happen but one thing’s for sure, they happen for a reason. Good thing the contact person was not  someone who would fuss over such mistake.

Guess it’s really different out there, in the industry.

The principle of failure is almost the same as college and studying, but the consequences are really really different.