Unexpected idea from my younger sister made me think.

by namelesscomet

Yesterday while we were standing in line at a restaurant which serves roasted chickens and ribs, my sister and I were talking about how those chickens were feeling since they’re being roasted. She said maybe it felt like hell for those chickens. Then I said,

“What if there’s no hell?”

She replied

“Then that would be good, only heaven exists.”

Then I replied

“If there’s no hell then there’s no heaven as well.”

She replied

“That can’t be, heaven exists.”

I replied

“How come?”

And her amazing reply was

“If hell does not exist, and heaven exists then the world we live in now can be defined as hell.”


Well, that’s a rough translation of our conversation but the point is, I had no answer to her last argument since it made me think it through.

I know the idea that “the world we live in now is hell” has been around for quite some time now but I haven’t really read articles about it.

I’m amazed at how positive some people are that “heaven” exists.