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Month: December, 2010

Almost new year.




It was a good year. Not the best but definitely one of the good ones because of the several (or multiple?) accomplishments I had. I mean I actually graduated college this year and passed the board exams conditionally in which I reviewed for while working all at the same time. I mean, I’m not bragging here but hey, it took me a superhuman effort to really STUDY. Don’t get me wrong though, I love studying. It’s just that I love studying things that make sense to me.



Another thing I consider an accomplishment is the fact that I’ve moved on. I know I’ve said that many times already especially in my Twitter updates, Facebook statuses and other blogs off the net but this time I’m 150% sure about it. How can I be sure you ask? Well I just am And it really is a good thing for me. I’ve let go of the a dream that I once chased but never really got a hold of. But as I always say to myself and my friends, it’s all about the experience. What you take out of it. Yeah maybe I wasted time and resources for that one dream but people lose sometimes and as a song once said “It’s not always rainbows and butterflies” right?



One word. KPOP. It all branches from that one word. This was also the year wherein I started listening to Kpop all thanks to SNSD and a little bit of KARA. As I’ve said, it all came from Kpop and now I’m a student of the Korean language and a little bit of the Korean culture. Oh. Wait. A little bit is a kind of understatement since I think well..yeah I’m really a bit obsessed with it. LOL.



Singapore. Recently I’ve visited Singapore once again and I shall write a separate post about it. I just want to include it here since that place is really something for me. It’s a goal and a dream all at the same time.


Well that’s all for now. If I think of something to add I’ll just update the post. Advance Happy New Year to all!


Annyeonghi Gyeseyo!


Poof! My Macbook battery died. :(

Around March or April 2010, I noticed that my Macbook’s battery pack is expanding. Kinda like what happens when you expose a dry AA battery into extreme heat. I really don’t know why this happened to my laptop since I never exposed it to extreme temperatures. Maybe this really just happens to some battery units like the way other products die out early.

I never really paid attention to it since it was still working at that time but recently I found out that my trackpad isn’t working anymore. Although I can scroll using two fingers I can’t click on anything. I searched online then I found an article regarding an expanding battery related to trackpad error. I removed the battery and poof! I heard a clicking sound then it cracked.

Hahaha btw my trackpad is partially working now. No touch clicking though. I can only click through the lower part of the track pad where the real “click” button is. Now I gotta use my laptop without its battery. Good thing I don’t bring this to places anymore since my company issued me with a work laptop. I’m still planning to buy a new battery but it’s kinda expensive so I’ll postpone it first. Maybe I’ll buy one around 3rd quarter of 2011.



I was able to fix my trackpad’s touch clicking by disabling it and then enabling it again. Now it’s working perfectly. 😛


Annyeonghi Gyeseyo!




First December post.

It’s been almost a month since I’ve written something here and a lot of things have happened since then.


Now that the dust has settled..

One of the reasons behind that is I had been busy studying for the board examinations which I took last November 27-28, 2010. Well, I guess all my hard work “paid-off” since I passed the exam conditionally. Meaning, I failed 1 subject out of a total of 4 and I need to retake that exam this coming April 2011. I think that’s good enough for me considering that I have been working while reviewing for the board examinations as well. I know I’ve said that it wouldn’t really matter if I pass or fail the said examinations but I would just like to say that even though that is my point of view regarding the topic, I still felt nervous and a bit sad not seeing my name on the list of the examinees who passed. After not seeing my name on the list of those who passed, I felt “Hey, that’s okay. It doesn’t really matter now. It’s over.” but just imagine my joy when I saw that I passed conditionally immediately a day after. Haha! That’s kinda like the best part when you don’t expect anything else.


Well as you can see in the screenie above, I barely passed the subject GEAS (General Engineering and Applied Sciences). I think it was pure luck that I was able to answer a couple of problems for that subject. Anyway, I just wish that the EST (Electronics Systems and Technologies) subject on the April 2011 examinations wouldn’t be as hard as the one we took last November so I could become a full blooded engineer. Good luck me!


After 3 years of waiting..

This happened. Today. December 10, 2010. Oh I love it. It really is awesome. To have and to hold it in the palm of my hands is a such a wonderful feeling. Hahaha okay enough of the cheesiness. But really, I’m so happy that I’ve finally bought this lens. Well, technically I haven’t bought it yet since I need to pay it for 6 months starting January but still, I own it. This translates to 6 months of eating lunch at the Jolly Jeeps near the office. Haha! LOL. I’ve waited for this ever since the day I bought my beloved Peyton (Canon 400d) almost 3 years ago so there are no regrets making that loan. 🙂

I hope I’ll have time tomorrow so I can shoot some test shots with this baby. I’ve read that it has some barrel distortion at the wide end so I’ll test it out and try to learn how to fix it through post processing. I’ll also try to upload my works here in this blog to make it more..uh..attractive. Haha

Anyway that’s it for now, I have to go sleep and rest coz tomorrow’s Philippine Kpop Conference at the PICC! Woot! I just wish the crowd’s kinda neat if you know what I mean.

Annyeonghi Gyeseyo!