Nameless Comet

Month: March, 2011

Unexpected idea from my younger sister made me think.

Yesterday while we were standing in line at a restaurant which serves roasted chickens and ribs, my sister and I were talking about how those chickens were feeling since they’re being roasted. She said maybe it felt like hell for those chickens. Then I said,

“What if there’s no hell?”

She replied

“Then that would be good, only heaven exists.”

Then I replied

“If there’s no hell then there’s no heaven as well.”

She replied

“That can’t be, heaven exists.”

I replied

“How come?”

And her amazing reply was

“If hell does not exist, and heaven exists then the world we live in now can be defined as hell.”


Well, that’s a rough translation of our conversation but the point is, I had no answer to her last argument since it made me think it through.

I know the idea that “the world we live in now is hell” has been around for quite some time now but I haven’t really read articles about it.

I’m amazed at how positive some people are that “heaven” exists.




If you could have anything to eat right now, what would it be? [Daily/Weekly Post 007]

Ice cream! LOL. That was the first thing that came to mind when I read the topic. Although I just had a Tiramisu Affogato (is this the correct spelling?) earlier and a chocolate chip with extra oreo Blizzard yesterday, I still want to eat ice cream!

I’m a sucker for sweets and I can’t refuse deserts. Whenever I eat out, may it be just me or with my friends or family I really have that urge to eat desert even though I’m full. It’s my addiction. Some people smoke after eating, some drink tea but for me, desert is the way to go.

I’m so addicted to sweets that I’ve already accepted that I’ll be diagnosed with diabetes when I get old. :p

Speaking of deserts, yesterday I read an article (in that talks about how to avoid having deserts. In the article, the author said that whenever you eat at a specific restaurant you should get your desert at another restaurant. Why? Because he/she said that study shows that walking after eating a full course meal lessens the urge to eat sweets/chocolates.

Well, I’ve been putting this theory to test twice since yesterday and it seems that it does not apply to me since I had a Blizzard (12oz!) last night and I had a Tiramisu Affogato earlier tonight even after walking around the mall ( I even stayed at a bookstore for about 30mins!). It’s been just two days so I guess it’s effect will come after a few more tries so I’ll just keep following that advice. Haha!

By the way, this is kinda off topic but I just set a new goal for myself. Starting today, I promise myself that every pay day, I’m going to buy a new book. This gives me 15 days to finish reading books which I hope I can do. 2 new books a month ain’t bad for someone like me who’s working 24/7. I just hope I can keep it up.

For the first book of my project, I bought Blink by Malcolm Gladwell.



What keeps you up at night? [Daily/Weekly Post 006]

Woah, this is just my 6th post for the project? Guess I missed a lot eh? But I’ve been blogging on side so I think it should count as part of the project. ^^


Well, moving on to the topic, I think there are many things that keep me up at night. I’m a deep thinker and my mind works its wonders around the time before I sleep. When everything is dark and quiet and all I can hear is the sound of the rotating blades of my electric fan. During these moments, I think about a lot of things and I’ll elaborate on some.


One. My dreams.

Although I have many dreams in life, there is always that “top 1” or “number 1” in everyone’s list. For me, that would be to become a world renowned multilingual landscape photographer. Maybe some of you might think it’s a bit ambitious but I don’t care. Just like my favorite author (Paolo Coelho) said “Your dreams are your own”, so I can dream dreams this big. This dream keeps me up at night since sometimes I think if I would ever reach such achievement. I’ve started slowly in my attempt at reaching this goal by studying Korean as a third language. I’ve also been practicing shooting landscapes ever since I got my camera almost 3 years ago. It’s been a slow start so sometimes I think about quitting this personal quest. The good thing is, whenever I think about quitting, the words from (again) my favorite author comes to mind and inspires me to work harder in achieving this so called “personal legend”.


Two. Love.

I guess everyone of us, at some point in our lives was kept awake by the love. May it be the idea of love, or the idea of falling in love, or something that’s bothering you regarding a love one or a significant other. This keeps me up almost every night. After my mind goes tired of dreaming of wandering and traveling the whole world as a multilingual landscape photographer, my brain goes to overdrive thinking about love. This coming April, I’ll be single for almost a year now. My last relationship didn’t last long because of my own personal reasons (or selfishness?). But now, I always end up thinking about love every night. Positive and negative thoughts come and go and it always affects how much sleep I get. I’m not saying I hate it when love keeps me up at night, I just find it interesting the my mind never gets tired of thinking about it every single time.


Three. Work.

A wise person once said, “Do something that you love and you will never work a single minute in your life” or something like that. I think about work too, before I go to sleep. Not because there’s so much stress going on in my everyday workplace but because I’m thinking if this is the right path/career for me. During the first part of my training, I thought I’d like the job. I was even excited to start of going on client calls. But as of now, I’m quite wondering if I really like this. Enthusiasm is fading slowly and that’s a bad sign. I either need to find inspiration to continue this path or I’ll have to quit it and find something I’d love to do. Or I maybe wrong too. Maybe it’s just the idea that I’m earning less than the average among my friends and that my salary can’t support the lifestyle I’ve always dreamed about. Whichever the reason is, may it be the interest in the job or the salary, I’ll need to find a solution, fast.


Those are the top three things that keep me up at night. Although there are more like, basketball, biking, SNSD, Sex, tattoos and other stuff, I prefer to elaborate only on this three for now.

So there’s my list, how about you share what keeps you at night?